a colorfull multi-touch experience

This is a multi-touch game where you match colored orbs together by touching them simultaneously.

Pop up to five orbs at the same time and earn points while the timer ticks down.

The unique multi-touch gameplay and the mesmerizing ambient electronic soundtrack will keep you coming back to pop some more orbs.

This is a match game unlike any other.. something really unique exclusive for iOS. 


  • unique multi-touch gameplay
  • time attack game mode
  • endless game mode
  • online leaderboards
  • social network over open feint
  • gorgeous looking ;)
  • high resolution retina support
  • ambient soundtrack by hollan holmes



    mind training in high definition

    The game that became a pop culture symbol in the 1980s reenvisioned in high definition for your iphone and ipad.

    train your short-term memory by replaying sound-button sequences as long as possible, while they get longer.


  • gorgeous looking ;)
  • high resolution retina support
  • easy but demanding gameplay
  • relaxing pentatonic sounds
  • five difficulties
  • seperate highscores
  • stunning visual effects
  • rumble support (iPhone only)
  • on icon highscore
  • english and german localization
  • including a trip down memory lane into the 1980s

  • Support